9. October 2013, Wednesday
14° 20' 20" S, 178° 0' 56" W

As I write these lines, I have to hold onto my laptop because our anchorage is so busy that nothing stays in place.
From left to right and from top to bottom our ship pitches, it seems to me like Odin is training for a breakdance championship.
We are in Futuna, a small island of volcanic origin in the middle of the Pacific.
If you're thinking right now, why aren't we bolting for another, quieter anchorage...there's no other!
The coasts of Futuna are rough and wild. No lagoons, no sheltered bays, not even on the uninhabited neighboring island of Alofi.
That is why the island is hardly visited by yachts and there is no tourism.
But it's incredibly wild and beautiful.
Together with our friends Doerte and Frank from Elan, we set off here on two ships and are now the only tourists far and wide.
This landscape would be the ideal setting for a primeval film.
Futuna is located west of Samoa and northeast of Fiji.
The island is two kingdoms because, although quite small, it has two real kings (!!!), 3000 Polynesian inhabitants, 50 percent literacy and is an overseas territory of France.
But I'm sure you all already knew that ;)... but not that it rocks like that here!