Folk festival in the capital of Fiji

28. September 2013, Saturday
18° 6' 49" S, 178° 28' 22" E

We are back on the main island of Fiji, we are on Viti Levu, also known locally as the mainland.
A large part of the shopping is done, we also have basic groceries like beer on again, the dentist appointment was also successful and new glasses give me the right perspective.
So now after all those weeks on the islands we can throw ourselves into social life.
Don't think that only you in Germany have folk festivals like the Oktoberfest in Munich.
Attractions, illusions, sensations and the thrill of daring rides are also available here in the South Seas!
The ritual is the same everywhere:
In the evening we get dressed up, the traditional costumes are rummaged out and off we go to the Wiesn.

We are excited about these local attractions.
Two carousels and a Ferris wheel.
Well, at least the only rides in many thousands of square kilometers around.
The enthusiasm in the eyes of children and adults about this great, rare change speaks volumes and touches our hearts.
However, there is one downer: no beer or other alcohol is served, so don't bring it along; Oans, Zwoa, gsuffa!

It's just our last days on the Fiji Islands.
In the next few days the wind should change to south-south-east.
With that we want to sail via Taveuni north to Wallis and Futuna.
We are curious what to expect.
More about that as soon as possible in the next log entry.