Food shortages on board

22. September 2013, Sunday
18° 45' 52" S, 178° 31' 13" E

It's that time again:
We're totally drained after all these weeks here at Astrolabe Reef!
(The fact that we haven't had beer on board for quite some time doesn't make things any easier either.)
Actually, we didn't want to stay down here that long, it's hard for us to leave Kadavu and the reef with all its islands.
But in addition to the fact that our supplies are empty, there is also the fact that an inlay has broken off my tooth, we are also slowly running out of gas for the stove, etc.

But don't rush things, there are still a few islands on the way and strawberry jam with rusks for breakfast doesn't taste that bad either...well...;)

We anchor a few more days before Dravuni and make friends with the islanders.
When they hear that we cannot stay long, we are spontaneously supplied with fruit and fish.
So, who's to say, it's still going to be a few days.
Life is Beautiful ;)