Fijians, the loveliest people in the world!

15. September 2013, Sunday
19° 2' 27" S, 178° 22' 51" E

Yes, you're right, I know I've written that before, but anyway, here it is again:
There are probably no more lovable people in this world than the Fijians!

We spent a lot of time under water and used so much fuel for the diving compressor to charge the diving tanks and the outboard motor of our dinghy that we absolutely need a gas station.
In Kadavu Village, one of the larger towns on the island, with at least 200 inhabitants, there is supposed to be a gas station, so let's go.
As usual, we report to the village chief, ask for permission to anchor in the bay and hand over the obligatory SevuSevu, the kava roots, as a gift.
The astonishment that we sailed here with the sailing ship from Germany is, as usual, great, we are questioned, we are shown around the village, we are shown the waterfalls of Kadavu and since it is Saturday, we go to church again the next day invited. Ouchha!
The bad thing is, this comes with such warmth that we just can't manage to refuse, we can't even think of excuses.
So, on Sunday, pick out the crumpled tie and off to the big corrugated iron church.
We are introduced to the village at mass, which we don't understand a word of, and then invited to Sunday dinner by the priest, friends and family.
Although these people have little, they still share everything from the heart.
We are as comfortable here in Kadavu Village as we are in any Fijian village...maybe even more comfortable.
We get a lump in our throats when we think about leaving these lovely people in the next few days.
We should definitely come back!
Then they want to slaughter a pig for us and cook it in the earth oven.
Yes, and Christmas is important anyway and we absolutely have to....
We manage not to cancel again, although we know that we will most likely never return.....or will we?