Diver's paradise without divers

8. September 2013, Sunday
18° 53' 54" S, 178° 29' 44" E

Here on the islands of Astrolabe Reef, there are no roads, no electricity, no shops, no cars, let alone any spare parts.
So it sometimes happens that yachties who happen to be passing by are asked for help.
On the island of Ono, we made a spare part for an islander's outboard motor from parts of an old water pump and got it running again in hours of work. (I'm sooo proud of myself!;)))
As a thank you, Isaac showers us with papayas and drives us with the repaired outboard to some wonderful diving spots outside the reef.
The photos we took can hardly reflect the magic of this incredibly beautiful underwater world.
There are hardly any tourists, everything is as it should be!
Astrolabe Reef is definitely one of the 100 places on earth you must see before you die!