26. August 2013, Monday
18° 38' 46" S, 178° 31' 15" E

If evolution were perfect, it would have given us humans gills in addition to our lungs.
But it isn't, and so we only have the choice between lots of technology or holding our breath.
We are lazy by nature, get out the diving compressor, fill diving tanks, the noise, diving jackets, regulators, the whole technology is just too much for us at the moment.
For now we content ourselves with free diving the wonderful Astrolabe Reef, meaning, in the absence of gills, holding our breath.
There is so much to see, all the wonderful corals, sharks swimming their patrols, reef fish of all shapes and sizes, like colorful jewels adorning this enchanted underwater garden..
We dive into this paradise and only the breathing reflex forces us to surface again and again.