Liquor Bottles Navigation

13. August 2013, Tuesday
17° 40' 35" S, 178° 48' 8" E

As you all know, Suva is the capital of Fiji.
But this was not always the case. Until 1883 it was the town of Levuka, on the island of Ovalau, where we now anchor.
Today it's hard to believe that this sleepy little town of 3000 souls was once the center of the boom, the epic center, the center, the sin babel.
It is said that in those days the captains who wanted to enter Levuka's port simply had to follow the floating liquor bottles.
It doesn't take much imagination today to imagine what it was like when you stroll along Beach Street, with its warehouses that are over 100 years old.
If it weren't for the tropical vegetation and the sea, you could think you were in a Wild West town because of the buildings.
But this lovely, sleepy nest isn't that dangerous.
Last year Levuka was declared a crime free city. There wasn't a single crime...not even a coconut theft ;)