6. August 2013, Tuesday
Position unbekannt

In most countries of the world, the term thinks of a small palm island in the South Seas.
In reality, there are over 800 islands and atolls of various sizes, scattered over a vast area in the world's largest ocean.
No matter how long we stay, no matter how hard we try, we are unlikely to be able to visit them all.
Odin's prow points south. We want to dive to the fourth largest barrier reef on earth, the Great Astrolabe Reef, north of the island of Kadavu....quite slowly.
There are just too many interesting islands on the way to this diver's paradise that we really want to visit.
Koro, Makongai, Ovalau, Nairai, Ngau, finally Ono in the reef itself and Kadavu.
On most islands there is no infrastructure, not even beaten paths, but a lot of untouched nature.
At the moment we are still too lazy to get the heavy diving equipment out of the back box, why should we...freediving is completely enough at the moment.