Man my ass hurts!

30. July 2013, Tuesday
Position unbekannt

Even if you're not particularly interested in this detail of the story, I think it's worth a log entry.

For more than a year, more precisely since Bora Bora, we finally got our bikes out of the back box to cycle the heavenly streets here.
These roads are so beautiful that we call them WAYS TO PARADISE.
However, these paths are in a...let's say...pristine condition.
Thick roots meander across the roadways, fist-sized rocks and shells serve as pavement, and holes of all shapes and sizes demand your full attention.
When driving downhill, one fears for one's seals and at the other end of the food intake apparatus, the aforementioned pain develops after hours.
We often get off the bikes and hike large parts of the route to really enjoy it.

If we're whining about something, don't take it seriously.
Somehow everything is just the way it is, perfect, because nobody has ever heard of concrete paths through paradise ;)