Well, didn't I say it?!?!

19. May 2013, Sunday
17° 47' 44" S, 177° 27' 4" E

Only 2 weeks are really too short!!!
There was still so much we wanted to show our friend Rudi, but the good man has appointments after all.
(Hmmmm, appointments... what was that again???)

In any case, we really wanted to show Rudi something about the largest island in the South Seas, Viti Levu.
Since there wasn't enough time for a trip overland, we chartered a helicopter on the last day.
Gigantic to experience this diverse island from the air.
Now that you are reading these lines, Rudi is back in Wuerzburg to celebrate.
On the one hand, his cult disco airport is celebrating another great birthday (oh man, what a party we had there ;o) on the other hand, there is a big anniversary coming up with his dear Anni. Congratulations you two ;o)

You see, sometimes there are really good reasons to leave paradise early.