Great joy aboard the Odin.

7. May 2013, Tuesday
17° 46' 27" S, 177° 11' 57" E

We are three!

No, not what you think, but our friend Rudi is a guest again. say Rudi was only a guest on board would be an understatement.
Bora Bora,
Rudi is actually already the 3rd crew member of the Odin ;o)
It's great to know that a friendship that has lasted for many years is not impressed by great distances.
Rudi has already spent more than 125,000 kilometers in airplanes for his visits to the Odin, the only mistake is that the time together is far too short.

We enjoy the days, have fun, chat about old times, make new plans, or we just enjoy the beauty of this wonderful tropical world together.