Demanding navigation

30. January 2013, Wednesday
17° 5' 15" S, 177° 15' 46" E

At the moment we are navigating like hedgehogs breed: Be very careful!
Many of the nautical charts of Fiji, especially those here in the Yasawa group, (including the modern electronic ones) are still based on the surveys from Captain Cook's time.
So from the 18th century!
But reefs grow over the years, old ones disappear, new ones arise... the only safe navigation devices are those between our ears: our eyes!
If we were to ram into one of the many submerged reefs at full speed, then Odin would be lost!
So we are always on lookout when we sail in the Yasawas.
Believe me, it is extremely exciting to make your way here, because not only are there no exact nautical charts, but also no navaids or other navigation aids.
So, enough whining!
It is definitely worth visiting the Yasawas.
Our first island is Waya.
What a sight, this wild beauty. It reminds us a lot of the Marquesas, in northern French Polynesia.
We find a sheltered anchorage in front of a village and set off to explore Waya.