Mana Island

12. January 2013, Saturday
17° 40' 42" S, 177° 6' 30" E

Of course, everyone of you knows the Mamanuca group of islands west of Fiji and of course everyone knows the island of Monoriki. Logical! ;O)))
It's the island where the Tom Hanks movie CAST AWAY was filmed.

What looks so lonely in the film actually has lots of neighboring islands.
Matamanoa, Monu, Tavua, Yanua, Todoriki, or Mana, in whose lagoon we are currently anchoring, since Monoriki, i.e. the CAST AWAY island, unfortunately offers no possibility for safe anchoring.
I know you think we could take the dinghy over there.
Well, this is a bit too far, since we are afraid that Tom Hanks is long gone from the island ;o)