2012...boredom is different!

29. December 2012, Saturday
17° 46' 12" S, 177° 11' 27" E

Since December 23rd we are in front of Mololo Lailai, west of the Fijian main island Viti Levu...on vacation again, so to speak....of course only over the holidays ;o)
We lounge and read, or swim and snorkel in 28 degree warm, turquoise water. What you usually do over the Christmas holidays ;o)

We have just looked at our pictures and the logbook entries from January to December 2012 on the Internet.
Once again it was quite an eventful year.
Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, Suvarow Atoll, Niue, Tonga, Fiji.
Of all though, Fiji had it all!
First the giant theater with the ship's engine, then the monster cyclone Evan.
Well, it definitely wasn't boring.

Now the 6th New Year's Eve on board the Odin is just around the corner. WOW!
As great as 2012 was, we wish for 2013 a little less excitement ;o)

Happy New Year to you all!