It's Christmas...I think!

10. December 2012, Monday
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While you are happy about the nice snow and a really crisp winter in Germany at the moment, it seems to us here as if the world has been dipped in a red paint pot.
Fire trees are blooming everywhere in Fiji at the moment, with a luxuriance bordering on extravagance.
The red of the trees shines in wonderful contrast to the blue sky and the green grass.
Every single flower is in no way inferior to an orchid in terms of beauty.
We are in the tourist stronghold of Denerau, which is also one of the millionaire spots on the island. Fantastic location of the houses, many directly with docks for the yacht, golf courses and lots of luxury hotels.
There's even a Hard Rock Cafe!
However, the most recent titles commonly heard here while fagot garishly made-up waiters dance on the tables are: YMCA, Dancing Queen and Rivers of Babylon.
Huiiiiii....? Stoesschen !!