Do you know the state of Niue?

24. August 2012, Friday
19° 0' 46" S, 169° 49' 26" W

Can you imagine a country where crime is so unknown that the state only has two police cars?
This country actually exists.
It is called Niue and is the smallest independent country on earth, but at the same time the largest "coral head" in the world.

Well, if you can't immediately think of the longitude and latitude coordinates where Niue is located, never mind!
To be honest, actually we only came here by accident and unfavorable winds.
We could not head for Tonga directly, so we found this island, which is a bit off the direct route, as an alternative on our nautical charts.

We are totally amazed by the raw beauty of Niue.
What a contrast to the gentle sandy beaches of the Society Islands or Suvarow Atoll.

Thousands of years ago, this reef was lifted from the depths of the sea by a seaquake, at its highest point almost 70 meters above sea level and a new island was born.
Crossed by countless caves, grottos and crevices, above and below water, this island is probably unique.
Only about 1700 people live in the smallest country in the world, and their hospitality seems to be a tad bigger than anything we've experienced before.

Actually, we only wanted to stay here on Niue for 2 to 3 days to wait for the right winds towards Tonga, but we have now changed our plan. ;O)