Garden of Eden

27. April 2012, Friday
16° 43' 22" S, 151° 0' 55" W

According to legend, the god Hiro severed the island with his outrigger canoe
huahine Since then, Huahine Nui has existed in the north and the smaller Huahine Iti in the south. Both islands are so enchanting that they are referred to as the "Garden of Eden".
Despite the heat, it's good not to have a car, but to cycle every kilometer on a mountain bike. It would really be a shame to go faster in this dream. There is just too much to experience and see.
Archaeological sites dating back thousands of years, sacred blue-eyed giant eels ready to be fed and petted, stone fish traps that have been in operation since the days of Captain Cook, palm huts and charming little villages where ukuleles, drums or wistful Polynesian chanting is always ringing somewhere. In addition, the scent of thousands of exotic flowers.
Huahine is rightly called the "Garden of Eden".