21. April 2012, Saturday
16° 47' 47" S, 150° 57' 17" W

Finally the wind worked and a comfortable 12 to 15 knots of wind blew me to Huahine on a comfortable course in 20 hours.
It's absolutely gorgeous here. Time seems to have stood still.
I cycle the only road along the coast and everyone I meet greets me with the almost sung Polynesian "Ia ora naaaaaaa....." ... nice day, yes I have it.
Vanilla plantations, centuries-old places of worship, the dreamlike coastal road, the vegetation, the fishermen in their outrigger canoes and one bay more beautiful than the next.
My butt hurts from cycling, I try to capture the magic of the island with the photo. Although this only succeeds to a very small extent, what counts is the good will ;o)