waiting for wind

15. April 2012, Sunday
Position unbekannt

The Pacific is also known as the "silent" ocean - and right now it's aptly named!
For 2 weeks I've been waiting for the trade winds that usually blow from the southeast at this time of year. However, at the moment there is always the same (fantastic) weather.
Only a gentle breeze rustles in the palm trees, caresses the skin...etc.
Admittedly, it's actually quite nice, but not when new goals are waiting.
I want SAIL WIND! I want to go to the Windward Society Islands, Huahine, Raiatea, Tahaa and the pearl of the South Seas, Bora Bora.
Although these are not even 200 kilometers northwest of here (actually "spit distance" for this huge ocean with its expanses), this route under motor....no thanks, much too annoying, also: I have time. ;O)
I already have some impressions of these islands from the air for you, (Merci Patrick), so that you can see what awaits me and Odin: coral reefs, white beaches and fantastic anchor bays....
...so the usual ;o))))