cooking skills

26. March 2012, Monday
17° 30' 51" S, 149° 51' 10" W

The first week without Uts is over and I'm horrified to realize how miserable my cooking skills are. PATHY!
Maybe I just need to get used to my somewhat limited menu choices again.
Is not too much: I can spaghetti, steak (if available), fried eggs and chili.
End of the flagpole!
Of course it will be one-sided.
FISH!!!!!!...I can literally hear how many of you are now thinking FISH out loud. To be honest I only like deep sea fish like tuna, wahoo or mahi mahi, whose fillets you can sizzle like a steak in a pan, but such a huge fish for one person weighing 15 to 20kg would be a waste!
I prefer to look at the colorful fish in the lagoon while diving and snorkeling.