"Waaaaaaah, look at those giant breakers."

18. December 2011, Sunday
Position unbekannt

Uts stands at the bow while I steer the yacht through the narrow pass of Haapiti at full throttle.
Watching breakers is not possible at the moment and certainly not taking pictures. At the moment I have my hands full keeping the ship on course in the immense current of the narrow reef passage.
Too bad, that would have been spectacular pictures.
Haapiti is located in the southwest of Moorea and is considered one of the best surfing spots in French Polynesia. However, we don't see a single one on our ride through the pass. Apparently the waves are a bit too wild today ;o)
In the calm waters of the lagoon's interior, Uts still stands at the bow, guiding Odin through the flax and coral beds to her anchorage.
The scenery is fantastic.
The next day the current and waves have subsided and a lot of surfers are back in the pass. A school class is practicing sailing in small boats and we are now going to collect mangoes and bananas.

Before Christmas in the South Pacific.