Caves of Mara á

12. December 2011, Monday
17° 45' 1" S, 149° 34' 27" W

It seems to me that after all this time on the white sands of the atoll, we're really starving for "green"
We just can't get enough of the tropical vegetation.
We still don't agree on whether it's hotter in the blazing sun or in the steaming rainforest.
It doesn't matter, in the caves of Mara á the water is supposed to be ice cold and the temperatures like with air conditioning.
We tested it and it's true.
The caves are pleasantly cool and the water inside is freezing. Splendid!!!
So if you want to try it yourself, here are the coordinates:
17 degrees 44 min 61 sec South
149 degrees 34 min. 27 sec. West