The Pacific - endless expanses.

14. November 2011, Monday
15° 5' 40" S, 147° 55' 45" W

Logbook of the sailing yacht Odin.
Position: 15° 05 min 414 sec. South – 147° 55min. 462 sec. West.
1556th Day of the Circumnavigation of the World.

Haha, great news! Reminds me of Starship Enterprise and Captain Kirk ;o)

However, Captain Kirk didn't have to deal with today's problem!
Black "frogbirds" (we call them that because they perch in the palm trees every evening and croak like frogs) had pulled the railing over the palm trees to spend the night last night and
abused our deck as a toilet. Nice shit! What are these critters eating? Adhesive???
Ok, do any of you guys need guano as a flower fertilizer? ;O)
Otherwise everything is fine on board, as the pictures show.