18. August 2011, Thursday
17° 30' 33" S, 149° 51' 18" W

You know, even if you're in the middle of nowhere here, so to speak, you still get what's happening in Germany. Eg the weather.
And the summer of 2011 in Germany so far is said to have been BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR with a few exceptions. Well, it's only August, it can still be!
In addition to the desire for adventure, the weather was definitely one of the most important reasons why Odin weighed the anchor in the direction of eternal summer exactly 4 years ago today.
4 years, that's almost 1500 days that we're on the road now.
Some of you dear friends initially asked me if I wasn't afraid of the boredom that such a life brings?!
Be sure, even after 4 years, there is no trace of boredom on board. On the contrary!
Time flies so quickly, with all the tasks around the ship, with the impressions of people and cultures, with the beauty of nature, that these years seem like just a few short weeks.
It would be great to have a little more boredom so this wonderful time doesn't go by so quickly!