Tahiti's little sister Moorea

12. August 2011, Friday
17° 29' 14" S, 149° 51' 1" W

As you know, Papeete on Tahiti is the only town worth mentioning in the South Pacific within thousands of square kilometers.
Papeete is about the size of Würzburg, but after all the weeks and months on the lonely, sparsely populated islands, it seems like a city of millions to us.
Although Tahiti itself still has many lonely corners, it is very touristy and we say to ourselves:
Let's go!
Only, the trouble is, once you leave Tahiti heading west, it is very difficult to sail back here against current, wind and waves.
But there's Tahiti's little sister, Moorea, just 15 nautical miles away.
What a difference to the capital.
Everything goes its way quietly and leisurely, embedded in a landscape that reminds us of the wild beauty of the Marquesas.
We are the only sailing boat in Cooks Bay, roam for hours on this beautiful island, pick wild fruit, swim in the crystal-clear water of the bay and look forward to being in one of the most beautiful places on earth for as long as we want.