Our time in the Marquesas is coming to an end.

19. July 2011, Tuesday
8° 55' 1" S, 140° 6' 2" W

With a laughing and a crying eye, we look at the next section of our journey.
Sure, we're looking forward to the Tuamotus Archipelago, where we'll be landing in about 4 to 5 days, but leaving the wild beauty of the Marquesas and their lovely people and knowing that you'll probably never come back here is a bit depressing .
Anyway, on our last day before dropping anchor there was an island festival with lots of folklore which we definitely didn't want to miss.
Folklore here is so different than here in Germany, a peasant dance group from Franconia or Upper Bavaria ;o)
But I hardly need to explain that to you. Just look at the extra pictures that we have put in our "log book" this time and dream like us of the wild beauty of the Marquesas.