In the footsteps of Paul Gauguin

8. June 2011, Wednesday
9° 49' 2" S, 139° 1' 40" W

We just can't get enough of the beauty of Hiva Oa and the kindness of its people.
If we already came across the traces of the painter Paul Gauguin in Panama, they can be found here again. In search of perfect happiness, Gauguin landed here on Hiva Oa around 1900 and never wanted to leave the island again, which he succeeded in doing.
He drank himself to death here after living here less than 3 years and creating his typical works and his “House of Joy”.
Gauguin's tomb is near Jacques Brel's final resting place.
Jacques Brel, the famous singer and poet, came here to die in the 1970s after being diagnosed with an incurable disease.
He wanted to spend his last months in paradise on earth.