Last logbook entry before the big sea

22. April 2011, Friday
8° 23' 41" N, 78° 53' 44" W

Shipwrecks exert a morbid fascination on every sailor, especially before a long voyage.

It's not just a broken vehicle, no, a ship has a story. It has experienced adventures, storms and lulls with its crew, witnessed happy and sad events. (Now I'm getting sentimental ;o)
Anyway, we try as much as possible to explore every wreck that we find on our way.
So also this Russian ferry catamaran, here on a lonely beach of Las Perlas.
How did the ship get here, what is its history?
Unfortunately there is no one we can ask.


this was possibly the last logbook entry for the next 4-6 weeks.
We will raise anchor tomorrow to sail towards the dreamy islands of the Marquesas in the South Pacific.
There are almost 4500 nautical miles of open sea ahead of us to our destination - and therefore no possibility for telephone, internet or other connections to the "outside world".
We don't know yet whether we will be allowed to visit the Galapagos Islands on the way.
Motherland Ecuador is very strict with visas and we don't have any ;o)
Well, if not, then just non-stop.

Let's hope that we will be spared from too many calms or storms.

Keep your fingers crossed for us ;o)