Abandoned US bases

15. March 2011, Tuesday
Position unbekannt

Surely you remember the last logbook entry about Colon.
Fine, then you can certainly imagine that we don't feel the slightest desire to anchor off this dirty and dangerous city.
We don't like marinas very much, they are too reminiscent of a campsite, but given Colon's location there is simply no alternative.
In other words: swimming pool instead of sea.
The marina is new and is located on the former site of the US Panama Canal Company.
Everything was set up for the engineers, pilots and other specialists like in a US military base and seemed to be built for eternity.
In Panama they say:
The best president Panama ever had was: Jimmy Carter.
The reason, the former peanut farmer had returned the canal to the Panamanians long before time.
The gigantic US plants have been decaying for years now and every day the jungle reclaims a part of the land that was once so laboriously wrested from it. (Good this way!)

For a few days we have had visitors from Germany on board again.
Werner, a former work colleague as well as a good friend and buddy of Ute's, is on board and would like to experience the adventure of crossing the Panama Canal with us.
Let's hope that approval will arrive soon.