Now they're gone!

16. January 2011, Sunday
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Now they're gone!
4 weeks for four on board a yacht, far away from any so-called "civilization" and its "blessings" (so that you can avoid each other in certain situations), is a daring experiment for any friendship.
Well, I can reassure you, everything worked out wonderfully and harmoniously. As non-sailors, Eike and Stripper received an intensive course in cruising.
Not only did you get to know the incredibly beautiful sides of freedom under sail, you also experienced how difficult it is to get food, water, fuel or other everyday necessities in these wonderful places in the world.
They experienced the camaraderie among the cruising sailors, but also understood that even here there are now and then idiots who would be better off in allotment gardens or rabbit breeders' associations.

When they took the bush plane from the small Kuna island of Porvenier towards Panama City, they not only had a lot of dirty laundry and travel souvenirs in their luggage, but also a lot of unforgettable experiences of Odin and Kuna Yala.