12. January 2011, Wednesday
9° 35' 7" N, 78° 41' 34" W

Don't you often have the feeling that the world is getting smaller and smaller?
It has often happened that you meet friends on holiday in hotels or club complexes, no matter how far away, who have also booked through Neckermann and Co.
You've almost gotten used to it!
But there is also something more unusual:

A little over 3 years ago I spent a few months with the crew of the Canadian sailing yacht "Feel Free" in Turkey.
After that, as is so often the case in life, we lost sight of each other, each sailing his own way.

You can imagine how amazed I was as this ship pulled into its anchorage on Isla Banedup, right next to us.
But not only that, but also Frank and Dörte, who we met in Colombia, were here with their “elan”.
A spontaneous beach grill party, where Eike and Stripper already felt like old sailors, was the immediate result ;o)

After a few Rum Cola we seriously ask ourselves the question:
Has the world really gotten smaller now, or do we just know too many people?!?!