Strippers on board!

4. January 2011, Tuesday
9° 33' 4" N, 79° 39' 45" W

It is certainly not prejudice when I claim that there are some people whose "areas of interest" can be seen from the outside.

Anyone who gets to know Stripper and Eike would never have thought that both of them had interests in the direction of stamp collecting or small poultry farming.
Stripper is a rocker with body and soul and president of one of the oldest "motorcycle clubs" in Germany.

It was actually planned that he and Eike would visit us in Cuba last year.
After reading in the logbook that we were leaving Curacao in the direction of Fidel Castro's island, they spontaneously booked a flight to surprise us there.
But spontaneous surprises need to be well prepared, because we had changed course on the way and are heading towards Dom.Rep. wacky.

Well, this year it finally worked out in Panama, albeit with a few detours because of the floods.
You can't imagine how happy I was about the many canned German sausages I brought with me, hmmmmmmm all mine!!!!
We celebrate a merry Christmas in Porto Belo, explore ancient ruins of the Spaniards, celebrate New Year's Eve in the San Blas Islands and enjoy the time together on board.