22. November 2010, Monday
10° 23' 11" N, 75° 29' 43" W

No other city that we have seen on our trip so far is as contrasting as this historic place on the Caribbean side of Colombia.
Openly flaunted wealth mocks the abject poverty of the underclass.
On the one hand there are 14 or 15 year olds who want plastic surgery for their birthday, on the other hand there are 14 or 15 year olds who are selling their bodies for a few dollars.

Certainly this is nothing unusual in third world countries – what fascinates us here is how naturally everything is accepted.
We live with both extremes, feel comfortable in American-style luxury boutiques and shopping malls, but also buy groceries in the local markets, which require a very insensitive nose and an even harder stomach.
Apart from the fact that the word hygiene is a foreign word in such places and every Autobahn urinal in Germany looks as sterile as an operating room, we find the delicacies a little hard to get used to:

Smelly mudfish, undefinable innards, cow hooves or the eyes of cattle and pigs.

We have decided to try a lot of things in the culinary sector on this trip - but hell not everything ;o)