Würzburg encounter

3. October 2010, Sunday
9° 34' 58" N, 78° 40' 46" W

The world is a village!
Of course you're right if you think this is a hackneyed saying, but we always find that it's true.
The current proof is the skipper of the beautiful 50+ year old wooden sailing yacht AWAB.

His name is Peter Kaiser and he left his home and my adopted city of Würzburg for Paris 30 years ago.
After a long career as a fashion photographer in Miami, he asked himself the meaning of life a few years ago and found the answer.
He sold everything, left his old life behind and is now sailing the Caribbean with his Italian girlfriend.

But back to Würzburg.
As I said, he left the Lower Franconian metropolis a few years before it became my adopted hometown. Nevertheless, we meet here, in one of the most beautiful and remote places in the world on the outskirts of Panama, and realize that we have friends and acquaintances in common.
At some evening sundowners there was a lot to laugh and gossip.
I'm sure some of the old guard from the Paramount/Night Watchman era have had their ears ringing in the last few days ;o)