The scent of the jungle

24. September 2010, Friday
9° 29' 46" N, 79° 4' 24" W

As carefully and slowly as possible, we feel our way through the estuary of the Rio Diabolo with the dinghy.
The "Devil's River" flows leisurely and we wonder where it got its name from.
We drive the first part at full throttle under the motor until Uts suddenly takes such a hard turn that I almost fall off the boat.
The reason is "diabolical" pointed tree stumps, which seem to be waiting for an inflatable dinghy just below the murky surface of the water like stakes in a medieval moat.
Thanks to Uts' quickness of mind we didn't impale ourselves and therefore didn't have to swim back. In any case, we now think we know why this river is called that. Warned, we drove on until it seemed safer to paddle.

The scent of the jungle is fantastic. The earth seems so fertile that we run very quickly when going ashore so that our toes don't grow roots when we stand for a long time ;o)
It is incredibly difficult to capture the beauty of nature with a camera, or to describe in words what it feels like to see this elemental flora and fauna.
Nature impresses thousands of times more than anything that has ever been created by human hands!