shopping instruction

18. September 2010, Saturday
8° 58' 38" N, 79° 31' 8" W

To be completely honest, we are sometimes a little jealous of you and think back to the fun weekend shopping days in Germany with a little nostalgia.
Get in the car and off to the supermarket with parking spaces right in front of the door, do some fun shopping and then relax in front of the telly from the stressful shopping.

Shopping for weeks or months when you live on the ship and don't want to leave dreamlike anchorages like Kuna Yala, works differently if you want something more than sardines or canned corned beef that are available in the village markets.

Here is a short summary:

1.Find a safe anchorage!!!

2. On the mainland, get a large, reliable 4x4 with a driver for a couple of hundred dollars for two days.

3. Let yourself be shaken for hours through the jungle and then carted through ugly suburbs.

4. Marvel at the skyline of Panama City, a juggernaut of millions.

5. Try (as soon as you can move again) to find your way around in a city of over a million people, which not even taxi drivers know their way around.

6. Go power shopping between mega supermarkets, primitive farmer's markets and ship parts stores. Spend four-digit amounts while trying not to get mugged.

7. After two days you can drive back the same route with an overloaded off-road vehicle and you can be happy to have escaped the big city juggernaut with its noise, its dirt, its hustle and bustle and its dangers.

8. Get a big canoe to bring the tons of food etc to your anchorage before it gets dark again.

9. Now you can spend hours properly storing and rearranging things on board and organizing your on-board logistics.

10. After you have jumped into the 27 degree warm water again, you can now fall dead tired into the bunk and dream of the supermarket around the corner. ;O)