You know Antonio Banderas, but now we know Cocos Banderos.

12. September 2010, Sunday
9° 35' 55" N, 78° 46' 28" W

Whenever we think the beauty of the most recently visited archipelago can no longer be surpassed, we are taught otherwise.

Peppered with sharp-edged coral reefs, which are a dream for every diver but a nightmare for every seafarer, we carefully grope our way through the underwater labyrinth, which can only be seen when the sun is in a favorable position.
Wrecks of once proud steamers and yachts bear witness to navigational errors and the dangers of these reefs.
Uts stands at the bow and guides Odin safely past the danger spots, which can only be recognized from a distance by the color of the water.
The anchor drops between four islands with palm trees and snow-white beaches, all of which can be reached by swimming from the ship.

The Indian names of the islands alone have their own portion of exoticism: TIADUP - DUPWALA - OLOSICUIDUP - GUARIADUP:
Kunas fish in their dugouts around us in competition with the pelicans who pounce on the schools of fish like kamikazes.

Life is Beautiful!