Kevin alone in the boat

9. August 2010, Monday
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For us, sailing not only means discovering countries and places that you would never get to know as a package tourist, it also means meeting like-minded people with a love and longing for the sea, whose history would often be the subject of a novel.

Kevin from Canada is such a guy.
One day he woke up and was fed up with his daily routine. He quit his job and his apartment, withdrew all the money from the bank (which wasn't a lot) and backpacked around South America.
Whether as a street musician, computer, engine or other repairer, somehow he always made money.
By chance he found a 40 year old, small and rusty steel yacht and from then on he decided to sail.
Without any previous knowledge but with more luck than sense, he taught himself everything in hard self-training.
Two dismastings, a reef stranding from which other sailors rescued him were among the "training adventures".
Kevin hardly has any money anymore, catches fish and lobsters, does work on other ships for a few dollars or cruises around as a backpacker. Otherwise he lives according to the motto "One joint in the morning and the day is your friend".
He could always return to Canada and take up a well-paid job in the computer industry. But he doesn't want to, he asks himself - why?
He is enviably happy with his old boat and enjoys every day here in paradise.