Uncle Mike's godchild

5. August 2010, Thursday
9° 30' 13" N, 78° 47' 58" W

Slowly but surely, our dinghy began to disintegrate into its component parts in the tropical sun.
It was high time for a new one!
From Panama City we had a brand new Hyperlon dinghy from AB with an aluminum floor brought to Porto Belo. Costs a whopping 3000 US dollars!
(We had already bought a new engine in Curacao).
Such a new dinghy is like an addition to the family, for which "Uncle Mike" then spontaneously took over the sponsorship ;o)

With the new part, we then headed east with a perfect wind course, to one of the absolute paradises of our wonderful blue planet.

All three of us are over the moon when we have the incredibly beautiful islands of the San Blas archipelago in front of us.

Each of the more than one hundred islands and islets, with their white sandy beaches, is overgrown with coconut trees.
In the shade of these palm trees, the last Indians, the last indigenous people of the Caribbean, have their palm-thatched huts and live their traditions almost untouched by the "blessings" of civilization.
The small Indians, whose average height is around 145 cm, earn a few dollars with beautiful embroidery, the so-called molas, on which they often sit for months.
They sell these to passing yachts without being as pushy as we have seen so often in the Caribbean islands of the West Indies.
Small but proud ;o)

Other sailors we meet here in the archipelago are also enthusiastic. Many have been hanging around here for months, or have come back to Kuna Yala, Kuna country.

As I said, we are totally blown away!

Speaking of away:
Mike took off early this morning from a "jungle runway" in a small plane towards Panama City, because his time on board the Odin is over.

He says he found his “new center” in just over two weeks and now sees life with different eyes.

We believe him!

hp For our friends here is our new phone number in Panama: (507) 604 53955