And every day the groundhog says hello....

1. June 2010, Tuesday
Position unbekannt

Afternoon after afternoon, shortly after 5 p.m., By the Rivers of Babylon boomed out of the horribly rattling speakers of a run-down party steamer.
3 min.45 sec. later: Red Red Wine.
They seem to have discovered the corresponding DJ somewhere at a fairground screamer talent show. (He must have been the consolation prize winner.)
He roars into his microphone with the enthusiasm of a ship swing brakeman, regardless of the loss or possible hearing damage.
To make matters worse, he also has the whole range of village fair sound effects.
Hall - echo - sirens...all at the same time.
"Papapapapapaaaaarrrtyyyy Aaaaaamimimimigogogogos"
Then the Huihuihuihuihui siren that I fall out of the hammock. "Fie...fie...fiesssstaaaaaaa hahaha"
(I find myself wondering where to get a sniper rifle.)
Then follows "Brown Girl in the Ring...tralalalala...."
(Something like that throws the good karma out of balance in the short term!!!)

Then the soul seller finally casts off, only to appear again at the anchorage 3 hours later with the meanwhile snot-drunk tourists and Jimmi Cliff's "Reagge Nights".

Holiday joy in South America - Greetings from Ballermann!
San Andres is the Mallorca of Brazilians, Venezuelans and Colombians.

Sure, the island is fantastic - and if it weren't in the middle of nowhere, the American, European or even Russian chic crowd would have long since discovered this dreamy island for themselves.
Golf courses and marinas would have been built for the yachts of the rich.
Luxury resorts would spring up, as would outrageously expensive restaurants and jewelry stores.

But the island is now times in the ass of the world!
And so there is not even a McDonald, Burger King, KFC or a Chinese restaurant..

That's good, let the ship swing brakeman scream!

(.....Who knows, maybe the terror boat will run onto a reef again, then he can draw attention to himself with his siren - Huihuihuihuihuihui ;o)