I am German ambassador! At least!

27. May 2010, Thursday
12° 34' 33" N, 81° 42' 10" W

Yay, at the beginning of the week I got a call from the local parcel service that a package from Florida had arrived at the airport for me and where they should deliver it to.
I explain that delivery is not possible because I am anchored with the ship, but will pick it up the next morning.

FINALLY: the generator is here.

The next day, when I arrived at the airport, the nice employee from the parcel service told me, without checking, that nothing had arrived.
Yes, it is, after all, I was called!
He wants to know from whom.
I don't know it!
There's nothing he can do about that.
He should at least check carefully, after all I didn't dream of the call.
After 1 minute he is back - without a package - I should come back tomorrow and turns away.
I'm at 180!
I have my identity card with me, pull out my “sports boat license for the lake” and slam it on his desk with an important expression.
A great, official-looking federal eagle is emblazoned on the driver's license.
He makes an impression.
I declare myself a member of the German Embassy in the capital Bogota and am urgently waiting for this important shipment.
I want his names so my embassy can contact his superiors.
Lo and behold, there are always miracles! After 3 phone calls the part showed up.
Not at the airport, but at least on the island:o)

I received it happily, knowing full well that this episode is not over yet.

While I was waiting for the ordered generator over the past few weeks, I even found a workshop on the island that repaired it. Damn!
(My upper yacht electrical engineer said it didn't exist here. HGRRRRRR!)

The workshop owner laughed almost toothlessly at me from his chaos workshop and said he could repair and install everything on board......No problemo senor.
The hairs on the back of my neck stand up - no thanks! Now that there is no longer a need, I spare myself this wild adventure.

Since I had more or less paid my Gyro Gearloose among the ship generator engineers, he should also do the work.
Install the generator and adjust and connect the high power regulator.
I feel very bad!

After 4 hours of installation it works....not!

No Problemo Patron" wow, I got promoted...Patron!
He withdraws back into the engine compartment and lo and behold, after another half hour everything works perfectly, even the high-performance controller.
I'm scared the alarm clock is about to go off, I wake up and I just dreamed it all..
But no - it's done. YOOOO!

Well then, see you next time!