Family van

14. May 2010, Friday
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At the latest with the first child, the German family man thinks about swapping the car for a family van.
Of course with 128 air bags, fully automatic child seat with bottle warmer, automatic diaper changer, etc.

The Colombian on San Andres isn't much different either:

Let's say by the second child at the latest, in anticipation of a large family and a wife who is growing in width, a 100ccm moped is bought, the whole family can fit on it - no question!
From infants to teenagers, from plump mums to grandmas, everyone is transported with it.
And if you can't afford such a luxury vehicle, it doesn't matter! There are taxi mopeds for a few pesos. You can stop them anywhere and they don't take the number of passengers very seriously either. It's packed up what's possible!
I've seen up to 5 people on the poor mopeds.

However, what I have never seen, despite the incredible number of two-wheelers, is an accident!