29. March 2010, Monday
20° 37' 48" N, 78° 30' 0" W

It seems as if we are firmly attached to our dreamlike anchorage off Cayo Largo.
Odin hasn't moved a meter from the spot for 2 weeks, the only outlet she has left is floating at anchor.
Only with the dinghy we explore the neighboring islands, dive, snorkel, catch lobster or spear fish. We grill them on the beach and uts always invents new recipes. It is also exciting to find out how the individual, often beautifully colorful, fish taste.
The sea gives us what we need to live in abundance. Just a pity that there are no underwater roast beef and dumplings ;o)

Not far from our anchorage on a small lava island, Cayo Iguano, it's teeming with iguanas and I already see them roasting over a campfire but uts raises a strong protest in favor of the lizards (a shame, but they're supposed to taste like grilled chicken ;o )