Non-Toxic Poison

7. November 2008, Friday
28° 57' 19" N, 13° 32' 46" W

To empty a full 12 liter diving tank at a depth of two meters within 30 minutes is almost a record.
Not that my dear Bertel confused the oxygen bottle with a BONG, no, he just tried to clean the underwater hull with a current of two knots.
It's been a little over six months since we applied the new, allegedly "highly toxic" antifouling paint in Turkey, which, according to the manufacturer, should last up to four years after being applied seven times.
Barely six months later, however, we already have the first signs of a new aquatic biotope.
Really not particularly tragic, but to be honest we had expected more from this highly acclaimed brand "Jothun".
Anyway, let's wait and see what the next few months will bring us under the ship.

In any case, Bertel curses like a reed sparrow about the current, the antifouling and everything.
A bad mood is a typical sign that my skipper is hungry, so I'll cook something quickly, then the world will look different!