600 cans of beer

5. November 2008, Wednesday
28° 51' 43" N, 13° 49' 34" W

Those were the days when we were annoyed about not being able to find a parking space right in front of the supermarket entrance.
Today we carry our purchases in backpacks or with shopping trolleys, often over many kilometers to the ship, but you get used to everything.
Especially when there are special offers, sailing circles call it “mass provisioning”.
Bertel and Hannes discovered a delicious beer, which was also on special offer. Cheers!
Have you ever transported 600 cans of beer two kilometers without a car, then loaded it into a dinghy and from there stowed it on a ship?
From a sporting point of view it's great fun.
Now that we have put this important provisioning behind us, we leave the port of Arrecife together with Cayenne.
Passing the wrecks of the fishing boats, we head out to sea towards Playa Blanca when the wind is weak.
At this time of the year, this little town isn't exactly the disco-goers' stronghold in southern Lanzarote, but everything is nice, clean and boring.
But what the heck, we have a great anchorage together and only want to stay here for a day or two anyway.