Night phone terror ;)

1. November 2008, Saturday
28° 57' 34" N, 13° 33' 25" W

This morning, at nighttime, the phone rang.
Of course, I immediately thought that something important must have happened when I heard my mom's voice drowsy.

"Dear Stefanie, happy birthday!"

Yes, something had happened after all - I've gotten a year older again!
And so the phone rang all day.
It's nice to know that my friends at home think of me, just like I think of them.
Thank you for the lovely calls, emails and SMS. I was so happy!

We are now in Arrecife, the capital of Lanzarote, and this evening we celebrated my 24th birthday with all our friends from the sailing community.
Even Uli and Imke arrived with the Eiland from Madeira and it was a wonderful, boozy evening on board the Odin, as the pictures show.

Let's be surprised what the next 365 days will bring!