30. September 2008, Tuesday
38° 40' 44" N, 1° 27' 20" E

We finally managed to tear ourselves away from the Ballearen, albeit a little later in the morning than expected.
Yesterday, on Bertel's birthday, we went to a quaint beach bar with Michi and met two other birthday children. An incredibly nice family (Eileen, Guido and Lenny) from the Rhineland. Father and son (2) also had their 28th birthday.
Well, when they got home, we drank a few more glasses to all the birthday children in the world, to the farewell to Michi, who we won't see again until the Canary Islands, so we didn't get out of bed this morning.
Too weak astern wind and a lot of rocking were made up for by two beautiful mahi mahi's, better known as golden dorados, which invited us to eat as the main course. Mhhhhhh, delicious!
We are now on the mainland coast of Spain, the Costa Blanca, and are working our way bay by bay across the Costa Calida and Costa del Sol towards Gibraltar.