scrounge ice cubes

9. September 2008, Tuesday
Position unbekannt

We are together with Michi (Cirque du Solei) Uli and Imke (Eiland) and Hannes (Dorasy) in a bay on the west coast of Mallorca with little traffic.
Compared to the south coast, it is almost idyllically "uninhabited" here due to fewer harbors and bays.
The sun is beating down on my face and seems to be drying out my gray cells a bit, when Michi comes on board with a bottle of rum.
In no time at all ice cubes are dusted off from an English motor yacht and the party starts.
The atmosphere quickly reaches its peak, the four of us have taught the second bottle of rum, on board they dance to German hits and on board there is a lot of fun.
Monja is in top form and we realize that tomorrow morning we will pay a high price in the form of a full-grown tomcat.