Rudy on board

1. September 2008, Monday
39° 32' 39" N, 2° 23' 7" E

It has been over a year since we live on board.
Italy, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Tunisia, Malta, Sardinia and the Ballearic Islands are in the wake.
A year is a time when a lot has happened. You get to know new places and friends.
But what makes us particularly happy about all this is the fact that true old friendships remain.
We are in Port Andraitx, on the west coast of Mallorca, one of the nicer and more exclusive holiday homes in the Ballearic Islands, and we have met up with our friends Anni and Rudi who are holidaying here in a beautiful hotel villa.
Rudi is already an old hand on board, but for Anni it's the first time on a sailing yacht. Initial concerns about seasickness proved to be unnecessary and so we spend the days together daysailing, lounging, swimming and the evenings in one of the great restaurants that are here in Andraitx.
It's certainly not the big adventure on your own keel at the moment, but a little luxury life in between can't hurt either!