Porto Petro

30. August 2008, Saturday
39° 21' 37" N, 3° 12' 49" E

It is often claimed that the building sins that were committed on Mallorca alone would be sufficient for the entire Mediterranean.
You sail along the beautiful south coast and one ugly concrete castle follows the other. Holiday at a discount rate.
They speak German, draft Warsteiner and Wiener Schnitzel with fries.
But there are also places that have not yet been violated by tourism, but have only been kissed tenderly.
One such place is Poto Petro. Even the millionaire villas nestle harmoniously into the landscape.
Like every bay in the Ballearic Islands, Porto Petro is also overcrowded with yachts, but in order to protect the seabed, anchor buoys have been deployed here together with an EU environmental project. But what makes us particularly happy: the use of the buoys is free!
In short, anyone who gets to know places like Porto Petro understands why Michael Douglas, Claudia Schiffer and co. have found their second home on Malle!